Safe Sleeping

All of our quilts are made from natural and organic cotton fibres ensuring longevity of the piece and thermoregulation of your petite’s temperature.

We were extremely concerned when we researched the market and saw majority of baby and children's bedding with synthetic materials. There are many items on the market that are advertised as 'natural', however this is only on the outside - the inside can often be filled with polyester and other synthetic threads.  Not only is this a concern for the environment - synthetic materials overheat and do not regulate your body temperature. Achieving the right balance can be difficult, so precautionary measures are important from day one.

Please always be extremely vigilant with how your baby is being cared for with bulkier items, and items around the face. We recommend Red Nose for further safety information.
Click the links below where you can find further information regarding safe sleeping and how to swaddle your baby