Our Ode to Sustainability

Sustainability at Loui Petite


At Loui Petite, we love and care for the environment. Sustainability is engrained in who we are and has been a big part of our ethos from the beginning. We ensure that we’re climate positive throughout all of our processes. Our garments are made in limited quantities, which means we aren’t only exclusive, but we’re ensuring there’s no mass production of our products. All our quilts are made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, including the batting. We use plant dyes for our quilts to ensure no chemicals or nasties are polluting our artisans, your children, or our environment. There are so many fabulous colours that are created from mixing different fruits and vegetables, teas, barks and more. And sustainability doesn’t stop with our products. It’s filtered right down to the shipping bags you’ll receive your goods in, which are durable, waterproof, and compostable. We’ve thought of everything to minimise our carbon footprint.

Our Policy

We work extremely closely with our suppliers, who have helped us to meet our company ethos; sustainability, fair trade and high end ethical fashion.
Our quilts are handmade in Jaipur India. We travelled to India recently with a dream to one day own our own sustainable business. It was through the abundant colours, vivacious personalities and sensory overload of smells and colours that, we too, fell in love with what India had to offer. With an abundance of organic cotton native to India, it was a natural process of us to have our threads and quilts made in India. Our Aprons are made by our incredible team in Hong Kong. Hong Kong has been a global hub for textiles for many years - allowing us to expand our brand whilst ensuring sustainability and durability for all Loui Petite pieces.
We have handpicked our incredible artisans who have brought our vision to life. All of our workers are all employed for their special artistic processes in fair trade conditions, with their human rights protected. These conditions are met with the focus on, but not limited to: no child labour, minimum wage, health and safety, safe working hours, and freedom of choice.